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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Reaching everyone

There is no one way of communicating with everyone in Goring, Streatley and South Stoke quickly in case of an emergency.  The pandemic has shown that it is often the most vulnerable that get missed.  The emergency response groups are keen to make sure that from now on we can get messages to everyone FAST, and that we build a system that will last into the future.

The system will ONLY be used for emergency communications and will not interfere with your lives in-between emergencies.  But being part of the system will ensure the whole community is that bit more connected when the need arises to communicate in the future.

What we intend to do…

Each village has been divided into roads and each road into no more than 30 houses per group.  A ‘cascader’ is appointed for each of these groups.  The ‘cascader’ will ensure that everyone in their group has the required information in case of an emergency.  This information will come from the emergency response team and will have been fact checked for accuracy. 

What we need you to do…

We need to keep up to date with how to communicate best with each household in the village.

Each area cascader will be someone who lives in your road so you may know them.  However, you may not know them so please be reassured that we will conduct DBS checks (what used to be known as a criminal record check) on all of them and they will be issued with an ID card.

Your area cascader will ask you to choose one of the following methods of receiving information:

  1. Sign up for the Genie Public Information bulletins.  OR
  2. Allow the cascader to have your email or mobile phone number to send you a message via email, text or WhatsApp.  OR
  3. Tell them if you need to receive a paper copy of all information
  4. Tell them if you need to receive a phone call.

How the communications will work…

Clearly the more people that can sign up to Genie, the easier the work of the cascader, but we do understand that not everyone is able to do this.  The Genie public Information bulletins only come out rarely (direct to your email inbox) and you do not need to sign up for the fortnightly newsletter if you do not want to.  However, signing up for the fortnightly newsletter in emergency times will give you other useful information of a less urgent nature.

For people who need a paper copy, this will be delivered to you by your cascader, but we need to know in advance so that we can print enough for those people quickly. 

If you prefer an email or text from your cascader, or you require a phone call you will need to give your phone number to the cascader.

If you are willing to be part of a WhatsApp group it will be for use for emergency communications only, not for chit chat so should not disturb you unless it is necessary.

The cascader will be the only person who has your email / phone number and only if you do not opt for signing up to Genie.  However, to ensure the whole village is covered we would like to ask the cascaders to tell the emergency response group (Q1 Foundation) the method of delivery you have chosen. This will be recorded against the house, with no names or contact details. This is so we can check that the majority of the village is covered.

If you are moving at any time, please let your cascader know so that they can arrange to contact the new resident.  Likewise, if the cascader moves they will inform you who will be taking over in that role.  If you want to change your method of receiving messages at any time (including unsubscribing from Genie), again just inform your cascader.

Thank you for participating in this service we hope once it is set up we do not have to make much use of it as that means we are back into an emergency situation.  However, we hope it will provide peace of mind to have the most urgent information given to you accurately and in a timely manner.

You can see how to check your cascader has a valid ID card .

More Information

You may find the diagrams here helpful