Goring + South Stoke
Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

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01491 525 639

Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Previous Updates

Key announcements prior to 4 January

Change 00.01 26 December
Goring (and all Oxfordshire) in TIER 4 STAY AT HOME

The Tier 4 Restrictions now apply


CHANGE 00.01 20 December

Streatley (and all West Berkshire) in new Tier 4 STAY AT HOME

Goring and South Stoke (and all Oxfordshire)  remain Tier 2 High alert

But travel guidance changes and the Christmas exceptions are limited.


Prime Minister’s Statement

Updated summary of all tiers

Tier 4 Stay at home Guidance

There are no Christmas exceptions in Tier 4 and in tier 2 they are limited and apply on 25 December only. There is revised guidance

Additional key guidance

Specific advice is available about shielding  clinically extremely vulnerable people within Tier 4

Change 00.01 Saturday 19 December

Goring and South Stoke  Remain Tier 2 High Alert

Streatley becomes Tier 3 Very High Alert OVERTAKEN by above

On 17 December the Government announced the results of the first review of the tiers following  their introduction on 2 December.

The changes were outlined in the Oral  Statement by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

A written statement added further details of the changes.

You can see the current allocation of local authorities and changes for 19 December  and the (lengthy) data analysis underpinning the decisions.

Tiers and Restrictions came into effect Wednesday 2 December

From 2 December a revised 3 Tier system of Alerts and Restrictions was introduced. The guidance and then regulations are in the Quick Links on the right.. This structure of tiers  will be in effect until 2 February 2021.

There are two factors that change how the guidance and regulations will operate:

  • The tier applied to each area must be reviewed every 2 weeks. The first review was announced on 17 December and changed the allocation of Streatley (see above. There should be a further review on 30 December)
  • There are some changes for the  Christmas period. These are provided by special exceptions to the regulations for each tier.

From 14 December Self Isolation Period now 10 days

This took immediate effect: see the guidance

Christmas Period 23 to 27 December OVERTAKEN by above

Special exemptions will be in place for the Christmas period.

Plans for Vaccination

The Government announced that vaccinations will start around 8 December.: see the graphic and overall bundle of guidance in Quick Links  There is now: