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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Information and Help on Covid-19

This site provides Covid-19 information for Goring, Streatley and South Stoke. This page gives a brief introduction the content and how best to use it.

How to get help from volunteers if you are affected by Covid-19 directly or by the need to restrict contact or movement..

Help includes shopping, collecting prescriptions and other day to day tasks. Information is available on emotional and financial support.

The menu links to regulations and guidance from the national government, guidance and information from all the local authorities, and health information.

All the pages give links to the original sources of the guidance rather than offer any interpretation.

Information on, and links to, all the businesses and organisations in the villages focused particularly on any updates they offer about how to deal with them in a Covid safe way

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Information about who the volunteers are, what they can do and how you can join in.

If you are a volunteer you will be able to login and get access to pages that help you and give you extra information about how things work.

About the site


This web site offers information and support on Covid-19 to residents and volunteers in Goring, Streatley and South Stoke.

It is focused around the work of the Helpline but offers much wider information as well.

Still in development

You will see the main elements that are planned for the site set out above

We have concentrated so far on the help and guidance. The other two will be updated shortly.

How to find things

There are three ways you can find information and help: Use whichever suits you best.

The menu in the header is always visible and gives access to specific pages of information.

There is a How to find out” page that will point you to the answers to frequent questions.

You will find a Quick links in the sidebar on the right

And in addition you can find specific topics by using the search at the right of the menu above or on the left of the footer.

Feedback please

We welcome feedback on all aspects of the site: the content – especially corrections where needed -; what might be added; and how the information is best presented.

You can give us feedback here

As well as amending information on Covid-19 guidance we publish updates on the Blog.

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