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19 July

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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

West Berkshire

Information and data for Streatley and the local authorities covering the wider area of West Berkshire.

Recent Data

West Berkshire:  cases in West Berkshire and other Berkshire areas are shown  on this dashboard.

Streatley: More detailed information can be found in the weekly reports here or on this government map where you should enter your postcode.



West Berkshire Council

West Berkshire Council (WBC)  is the Unitary Local Authority covering Streatley and a wider area. It is responsible for most services within the area. Their overall website is here More details about Covid information is below.

WBC Covid Information

Here is the starting point for all  WBC Covid19 Information


WBC Residents’ Information

There is a wide range of information for residents including information about financial support.

WBC Information for Business

Details of town centre reopening and various support schemes for local business

Grants for local businesses Local Restrictions Support Grant for those required to close and Additional Restrictions Grant for others

WBC Local Contact Tracing

This local contact tracing works in partnership to support and complement the national NHS Test and Trace system. Local contact tracers are specially trained council staff who will contact local residents that have tested positive for COVID-19 but have not been able to be reached by the national NHS Test and Trace system

The local contact tracing number will be from an 01635 number (01635 551111), which will be the same number used every time. A local contact tracer will never ask for any financial information, passwords or payment.


WBC Keeping up to date

There are regular updates from the Leader and Chief Executive of the council

You can now receive updates on information, advice and support relating to coronavirus straight to your inbox. Sign up to the e-bulletin here

You may wish to be aware of The Local Outbreak Control Plan

WBC Financial Assistance

You can see what financial help is available

WBC Community Support Hub

The Hub provides the main points of access for local residents who need particular support. You can contact them on 01635 503579.

The West Berkshire Community Support Hub (WBCSH) is working with SERG to match people who need help and support with those best able to provide it

Social Care Issus: If you feel that you have a social care issue, such as you need help with an adult or child social care, or anything that is making you feel vulnerable because of the isolation during the emergency, then please call the WBCSH using the number above

You can see the latest and earlier Bulletins from the Hub

Streatley Parish Council

Streatley Parish Council has set up Streatley Emergency Response Group (SERG) comprising 5 local people, 2 Parish Councillors and the Parish clerk, as well as the district councillor. The group is being coordinated by Nikki Swan who can be contacted on  07787 376156