Goring + South Stoke
Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Helpline Call
01491 525 639

Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Get Help through the Helpline

The Helpline is how we connect residents who need help with volunteers who can offer support.

If you have a Medical Emergency

If you need medical help lease contact either 999 or 111  rather than the Helpline.

RING 999 if you need urgent medical attention.

RING 111 to get medical advice generally or about Covid-19.

Contact the Help Line for support help and advice

Phone 01491 525 639

email Helpline

For help and advice other than medical emergencies call or email us

The Helpline has an answerphone and you can leave a message. We are alerted every time a message is left and we will get back to you as soon as we can, in the daytime

The Helpline offers  help with day to day activities. . They will put you in touch with local volunteers or provide other advice.

What help can I get?

Whatever your query we will try to help you. If we don’t know the answer we will either forward you to someone we think can help you, or we will try to find out the answer and then ring you back.
For example, we can:

  • Find someone to help with your shopping or to pick up your prescription/medication.
  • Find someone to put out bins
  • Find someone who will generally keep in touch to make sure you are ok
  • Liaise with the pharmacy to ensure your medication is ready before you ask someone to pick it up
  • Provide local information such as shop opening times, vet services, entertainment in isolation services and so on
  • Signpost you to central and local government services

Can anyone use it?

Any local resident can ask for help, particularly if you have any problem because of self isolation

Does it cost me anything?

The help from the volunteers costs nothing
You will still need to pay for your shopping or medication in the normal way.

If the emergency means that you have financial difficulty with anything the Helpline can explain how to get help with that. See the Financial Assistance sections below

Who will help me?

There are volunteers in almost every road. We will put you in touch with someone as local as possible to you. You may even know them.

Some help may be given by those with particular skills who look after needs across the villages

All the volunteers who might deal with your personal or private details will have been checked and can show an identity card if needed

IT Support

Help getting online For those unaccustomed to digital life, we have people with IT expertise. They can help you access the software to be able to stay connected with your family and friends (e.g. Zoom, Skype and others)Line 1

Personal support

Listening Buddies Volunteers who will spend time on the phone regularly with residents who might be completely on their own.

Emotional Support Counsellors More in-depth emotional support from fully trained counsellors (free)

Resilience and Bereavement Help If you need help arranging funerals, then we can help you find the right information. Or if you feel you may like to be prepared, this article may helpful

Pastoral Care

The Churches have been closely involved in supporting local people. There are details of opening and contacts.

The churches are here to offer support. A listening ear, an understanding of hope, and offering personal prayer is there for anyone who wishes it. We share the reassurance of God being with us in all we face in this time of earthly troubles and blessings

Revd Ben Phillips, Fr Kenneth McNab and Nigel Gordon-Potts.


Arranging payment If someone who is isolated can’t pay for shopping through online banking or has no access to cash, we can organise essential items to be bought and reimbursed by cheque (with the assistance of your volunteer). Here is how it works. 

Access to Foodbank If finances have been very squeezed for example due to job loss and you are isolating, we can arrange pick-ups from the food bank to be delivered to your door weekly. Ring the helpline or email us direct and we can organise this for you.

Meals on Catherine Wheels: call the helpline if someone needs meals delivered. More details.

Financial assistance

Accessing Hardship Grants – Cant pay the bills at the moment because of the impact of COVID-19 on your circumstances? We may be able to help. Call the helpline.

Emergency Food Grants

Self Isolation grants

Difficulty with Rent Information on eviction

Advice on how to access Universal Credits and other benefits. We can also help you filling in the forms if you have difficulty doing so.