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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July


The site has been developed quickly against a shifting context of both national and local information. We therefore welcome any feedback on the existing content, the presentation, and additional features. There are some specific email links below.


We have removed the option to make comments on specific pages or posts in almost all cases. This is to avoid our having to deal with spam messages.


If you find anything wrong with anything on the website or any link that does not work please email corrections@goringandstreatley.org.

We will aim to make the correction and reply to you quickly.


If you have any views onhow we might improve the coverage or layout please email the webmaster@goringand streatley.org

Local information

If you are a local group or business without a website of your own we will be happy to put your information about your current arrangements on the site. Please email webmaster@goringandstreatley.org