Goring + South Stoke
Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Helpline Call
01491 525 639

Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

Stay informed

It is important in emergencies such as the Coronavirus pandemic that everyone keeps as up to date as possible.

Sign up for Urgent Alerts

When there are major changes to the rules, guidance or local arrangements we plan to issue an urgent alert by email.

We have arranged with GENIE to do this via a special version of their newsletter sent to those who subscribe for it. Please go to

Alerts delivered by Genie to add your email address to the list to receive these alerts. You can also sign up to other Genie Newsletters at the same time.

Reaching Everyone

We know that electronic methods do not suit everyone. Volunteers are therefore making arrangements to contact anyone who would prefer to have urgent alerts either on paper or by being called on the telephone.

We describe this system as a “cascade”: the message is created by the Parish Councils, sent to key people (the cascaders) who can ensure that it reaches everyone for whom they have details in a form that they have asked for.

We explain the approach in more detail here.

If you know of anyone who might need special arrangements to be kept informed please email or ring the Helpline.

Twitter and Facebook

You can see the latest tweets from the relevant local organisations on this page. ~Either keep an eye on these or follow any or all of them directly. The twitter account of @Goringemergency will be used by the helpline coordinators.

Posts are made on most of the Facebook accounts that cover the area.

Check this website

As updates are made to the information and guidance we will post in the blog here.

You can also see all the Recent Updates from the Blog