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19 July

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Step 4 Follow Guidance
19 July

About us

Who is involved?

A group of people from various organisations have been working together since March 2020 to ensure that information was being made widely available to local residents. The aim has been to provide information from authoritative sources and to avoid any misleading messages being distributed.

Those involved include:

Streatley Parish Council
Streatley Emergency Response Group
Goring Parish Council
Local Members of the two district councils
Combat Corona Volunteers Facebook Group
The Churches
Q1F Foundation
Genie: Gap electronic news and information exchange
Goring Gap News

Links to all those groups can be found on the Local section here

A survey sought feedback on how residents found information. The group concluded that it would be helpful both to have a single website as a source of information and to improve the distribution of information to those digitally excluded.

The group has adopted the name Goring and Streatley Coronavirus Information Network (GASCIN as a shorthand) but it remains an informal group and we welcome others to join in to help.